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Ivivva Athletica is a youth brand that was founded by Lululemon Athletica in 2009. Created by lululemon’s for its younger clientele, Ivivva focuses on creating athletic sportswear for active girls ages 6–14. The company launched with its first store in Vancouver, Canada in December 2009, and has since grown to over 70 stores and pop-up shop locations across Canada and the United States.

Orang wasn't happy with her online shopping experience, here is what she has to say, "Lululemon's online store has poor customer service and it's not responsive, bought ebb pants, and I'm very disappointed with the material is transparent and not wearable. Try to contact the customer service via phone, chat and the waiting list is to 3 hrs, I sent it back and its been 20 days and I am still waiting for my refund I am usually impressed with the customer service at the regular stores, unfortunately, I can not longer say this is the case in their website store as the last service I received was extremely unsatisfactory."


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Sales (Former Employee) says

"I was excited to start my first real job, but there was something off about the management and the overall feeling when working there. there was a lot of internal politics that i seem to have no knowledge of and it made it a tough work environment."

Manangement (Former Employee) says

"The company is growing. The company really values culture and work/life balance. The people that work here are amazing and all life their life with the similar culture aspect.Paid workouts, Work life balanceNot much internal movement"

Sarah Devine says

"I am not happy that I can not use MY money in the member's credit account for anything that I want to purchase. I am also unhappy with the fact that I can not see how much is in my credit account. I will be canceling this as soon as I use the rest of the credit on my account."

BooYa Thewoman says

"They took the $10 cash back before i could check out, then charged me $10 for shipping on top of there was no deal for 2pairs of shoes for $9.95. They lied. They said if you proceeded to check out the deal would show in check out balance. Wrong again!! False Advertisement!!!!!!!!!!"

Kamal Bhattarai says

"Guys don’t buy from them . They are Frued . I have 1 child why I would pay 39.95 for month . I didn’t even know I sign up for vip . It acted like it’s a sale they will trick you to vip . I didn’t sign up for 1 . Customer service is horrible . I waited for 1 hour in hold and didn’t get a respond . They hang up . Finally I get to close my account . Wouldn’t want to recommend anyone this . Please stop buying anything from them . Shoes are low quality . U can easily get good quality of shoes in that price"

Alia Mammen says

"I bought either 1 or 2 pairs of shoes about a year ago for my daughter. Today (while I am pinching pennies because I just moved into a house) I check my bank account and only have $4 left. I didn't realize this whole time they have been charging me for a VIP membership and now I have a $450 credit. I have 1 kid and there is no way I will be spending $450 on a kids clothes website. I called to at least get the $30 charge that is still pending from today reversed (I even told them I understand if I can't get the $450 back) and was told they can't reverse it. I only bought from them the 1 time so obviously I wasn't planning on having or using a credit...especially that much. I have $4 to my name and am running low on necessities. I asked them to cancel my supposed membership and was told they recommend spending all my credits first, not sure how that is possible with 1 kid before the next time they want to charge me. Make sure you know what you are getting into just for cheap shoes."

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